Impex delivers the quality VDL customers are accustomed to

Impex delivers the quality VDL customers are accustomed to

You’ll find them all over the world. Poultry houses equipped with the solutions of VDL Jansen and VDL Agrotech. For this, these leading Dutch manufacturers also count on the quality of Impex.

At a young age, Ab Jansen collected eggs for hours on his parents’ farm. The question that regularly popped into his head: can I think of something that would make this manual work superfluous? In the poultry house, the basis was laid for the automatic laying nest, in which the hen lays its egg. From there, the egg rolls gently to a conveyor belt, which carries the eggs away. This is not only efficient, but it also ensures that the eggs stay clean and whole.

Today, VDL Jansen, formerly known as Jansen Poultry Equipment, is the global market leader in the field of egg transport, rearing, and aviary systems for the poultry sector. In 2020, the Barneveld-based company was taken over by the VDL Group. Together with VDL Agrotech, they can fully equip a poultry house with solutions for housing, feeding, climate control, ventilation, manure handling, and poultry management.

VDL Agrotech

Growing protein demand

“Agrofood is one of the focus industries within the VDL Group,” says Brian van Hooff, managing director of VDL Agrotech and VDL Jansen. “We expect the global protein demand to increase further. Poultry meat and eggs meet this need very efficiently. With our solutions, we contribute to the sustainable and animal-friendly production of food. This goes hand in hand with optimizing the profitability of poultry farmers. After all, a chicken that’s healthy and lives in good conditions performs better.”

To optimize the living conditions of chickens, good drinking water systems are important. Both VDL Agrotech and VDL Jansen are, therefore, customers of Impex. “We believe in cooperation with specialists. Impex knows better than anyone how to develop a drinking water system. They can do this very efficiently and continue to innovate so that we can also offer poultry farmers the best solution in this area,” says Van Hooff.

Jansen Poultry Equipment

Quality as a basis

Impex supplies the drinking water systems under private label to VDL Agrotech and VDL Jansen. Van Hooff: “Our logo is on the nipples and pressure regulators. We only do this because we are certain that Impex delivers the quality that customers worldwide have come to expect from us. The quality that the Dutch manufacturing industry is known for.”

The cooperation goes both ways, says Van Hooff. Impex has components for its drinking water systems produced by the plastic processing companies within the VDL Group. “So we do not have a traditional customer-supplier relationship but are more like partners. The relationship is excellent, I think also because the culture of our companies is similar. At Impex, they have their feet firmly on the ground, just like us. The lines are short, and decisions are made quickly. I like that.”


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