Impex duck drinking water system

Impex duck drinking water system

Having access to clean and fresh water is not just essential for growth amongst ducks. They also use water to clean their eyes and nostrils, to keep their plumage in a good condition and to regulate their body temperature. With the automatic Impex drinking cup system, you will cater for this natural requirement of your ducks without this being at the expense of the hygiene in the house.

This is how our automatic drinking water system works 

The drinking system for ducks consists of a drinking cup that is suspended from a drinking water line. Clean water at a low pressure is continuously supplied to the house through the drinking water line. The drinking water will flow into the cup when a duck pushes against a long pin (pendulum) with its head or beak that is suspended above the cup. The duck can stick its full head in the specially shaped duck drinking cup to drink and wash. 

Impex duck drinking water system

Why duck farmers choose our drinking cups

Increases animal welfare
The shape of the cup gives the duck the possibility of making its beak and eyes wet and to clean them. This ensures it can better perform its natural cleaning behaviour and therefore the duck stays cleaner and its feather quality increases.

Always access to fresh water 
The duck activates the water supply and therefore always drinks fresh water. The automatic water supply also leads to saving time when compared to drinking systems that are filled manually. 

Contributes towards a better house hygiene
The especially shaped drinking cup ensures water does not splash onto the floor, which would mean that the litter would become wet. This guarantees there is less of a chance of respiratory tract infections and foot pad dermatitis. The probability of manure or feathers ending in the cup will also be small. 


Quality and use of the drinking water system

The drinking water system for ducks has a long service life. The height of the drinking line and the water pressure in the system can be easily adjusted. The drinking system can be set completely independently. All ducks are given sufficient opportunity to drink with one drinking cup for 35 to 40 animals. Additional drinking water facilities are required for young ducks (up to 3-week old ducks). This is why the drinking cup system is often combined with a regular drinking nipple line. 

Impex duck drinking water system
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