Japfa: Quality from farm to plate

Japfa: Quality from farm to plate

Millions of people in Asia put a meal on the table every day with Japfa’s products. The leading agri-food multinational from Indonesia watches over the quality of its food products from farm to plate. And Impex also contributes to this.

Walk into any supermarket or convenience store in Indonesia and chances are you will find Japfa products. From popular sausages to milk drinks and frozen chicken, beef, and seafood. The brands SO GOOD, SO NICE, REAL GOOD and SO FRESH are a household name in the Asian country; restaurants and hotels also like to serve meat and fish from Japfa. All these dairy products, protein-based products, and packaged foods are produced, processed, and distributed in-house. For example, Japfa has more than 27 central hatcheries and 78 breeding companies for its poultry division alone. We have our own feed factories, our own slaughterhouses, our own vaccines, and even day-old chicks bred especially for Japfa that are more resistant to tropical conditions.

In fifty years, Japfa has grown into a leading pan-Asian agri-food integrator, with more than 40,000 employees spread across locations in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India, and Myanmar. And the end of this growth? It’s not yet in sight. Protein consumption is fuelled by the steady rise in prosperity of the growing middle class in the Far East.

Quality as a spearhead in the rearing division

Quality is an important spearhead for Japfa. Also within the rearing division, which supplies day-old chicks to Japfa’s more than a hundred proprietary contract farms. “The quality of the chicks is the key to the success of these farms. It is no exaggeration that our chicks ultimately provide farmers with the highest yield,” says R. Syaprudin, National Consultant for Poultry Technology and Environmental Management at PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia. Drinking water management plays a major role here as it makes an important contribution to the health of the parentstock. “Drinking water goes straight into the animals’ bodies. So it has to be as clean and hygienic as the water we drink ourselves,” Syaprudin continues. “So we check and monitor that periodically, both on the farms and through laboratory tests.”

The focus on quality is an important reason why Japfa chooses Impex’s high-quality drinking water systems, with drinking nipples that make it easy for animals to drink the correct amount of water and at the same time prevent the barn floor from getting wet.

“We have been using the nipples in more than 350 poultry houses in different regions for many years and consider them to be good and safe. This cannot be seen separately from the good cooperation with Impex and PT. Agrinusa Jaya Santosa,” says Syaprudin.

Recommended by farm equipment division

Agrinusa Jaya Santosa is Japfa’s proprietary farm equipment supplier. This subsidiary is also an equipment supplier, technology consultant, and service partner to Japfa’s more than 10,000 commercial contract farms. These are self-employed poultry farmers who work for Japfa. Some of these commercial contract farms also work with Impex’s drinking water solutions. “Japfa always goes for high quality and safety, which is why we only choose products from suppliers who have proven that their farming technology meets our high standards of reliability, quality, maintenance, and ease of use. That’s the case with Impex,” says Andreas Nugroho, Head of Livestock Equipment Business at PT. Agrinusa Jaya Santosa.

Nugroho is also pleased with the cooperation with Impex. “The sales team is easily accessible and does business in an honest way. Together, we’ve seen the market for drinking water systems grow in Indonesia. Year after year. Impex has many loyal customers here, or rather fans.”

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