Drinking water systems

Drinking water systems

Your animals always have access to cool, clean and fresh drinking water with a high-quality drinking water system. Globally, livestock farmers use our drinking water systems to increase hygiene in their poultry houses, improve the health of their animals and optimize production results.

Drinking water systems for poultry

Discover our wide range of automatic drinking water systems for broilers, pullets, layers, and breeders. We develop and produce our drinking lines and nipples in our state-of-the-art factory in Germany. Combine our innovative solutions to guarantee water quality, improve hygiene and optimize the drinking behavior of your animals.

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Drinking water systems for pigs

We supply drinking nipples for piglets, porkers, lactating sows, and boars. Our range consists of bite nipples, spray nipples, and wet feeding nipples. The nipples can be combined with all drinking water systems for pigs and are renowned for their high reliability and long service life.

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Other drinking water systems

Under the name Agriland Livestock Equipment, we supply a wide range of drinking water systems and related products for cattle, calves, sheep, horses and rabbits. Ranging from drinkers and debeakers to nest mats, dosing pumps, and floaters. All these products are selected based on their proven quality and reliability.

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