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Impex develops, produces, and supplies drinking nipples and drinking water systems for poultry, pigs, and other animals. You will find them in animal housing units over the entire world. As a result, millions of animals have access to clean, cool, and fresh drinking water through drinking nipples. This is how we contribute to animal health and help livestock farmers improve performances.

How to reduce the risk of salmonella via drinking water

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Drinking water management

Did you know that you, as a livestock farmer, can do a lot to ensure that your animals ingest sufficient clean drinking water? This is called drinking water management. Smart and careful drinking water management reaps its benefits in your animal housing unit. It will, for example, guarantee less water wastage, a better feed conversion, and a reduction in antibiotic use.

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Water quality & hygiene

Chickens drink up to no less than twice as much as they eat and consist of approximately 70% water. Water plays a role in all critical processes in their bodies. It is therefore crucial that they have access to fresh, cool and clean drinking water. The probability of disease, infections and a higher percentage of mortality will decrease by correctly taking care of the hygiene of your drinking water system and the quality of the drinking water in your animal housing unit.

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Our drinking water systems and drinking nipples? Their origin can be found in the poultry house. Since 1971, we have been looking together with livestock farmers, scientists, and supply chain partners for the very best drinking water solutions, that we accordingly produce to the current market's strictest and highest quality standards.

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23 January 2024

We would like to introduce our newest Impex team member to you: Mark Abrahams.

Since January, he started as Area Manager Europe. Mark Abrahams is already familiar with Impex Barneveld as a former Barnevelder. After having held commercial positions for several years, he is ready for a new challenge in a different sector. He works closely together with Olaf van Steenis and Remco Heijmen who, with their years of experience in this sector, will help him in the right direction ".

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9 January 2024
Congratulations to Remco Heijmen on his 25th anniversary

Our colleague Remco Heijmen had been with Impex Barneveld for 25 years on 1 January this year.

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9 November 2023
Congratulations to Ria Kooloos on her 25th anniversary

On 1 November, our colleague Ria Kooloos had been with Impex Barneveld for 25 years. Of course this had to be celebrated!

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