Dosatron dosing pumps for poultry

Dosatron dosing pumps for poultry

Do you want to simply and accurately provide vaccines, medicines, vitamins, or supplements to your poultry? Then a liquid dosing pump is a great solution. With such a pump, you save time and prevent stress for your animals. The risk of cross-contamination is also smaller than with other distribution methods. Impex is an importer of Dosatron's hydraulic dosing pumps.

How a liquid dosing pump works

You connect the dosing pump to the water control panel in your housing unit. The pressure and flow of the water move the drive piston of the pump. This causes the pump to release the vaccine, medicine, or additive. Then, with a swivel nut on the pump, you determine the ratio between the drinking water in the pipe and the product you want to add. You also need a break tank or non-return valve to prevent vaccines, medicines, or additives from flowing back into the water supply.

Dosatron dosing pump

The benefits of a Dosatron dosing pump

Easy installation
Dosatron dosing pumps use the pressure and flow of the water. So you won't need an electrical outlet for the pump. It is very easy to connect the dosing pumps are easy to connect to the Impex drinking water systems.

Even dosage
The dose of vaccine, medicine, or additives released is linked to the amount of water flowing through the pump. This way, you are always assured of an even dosage, even with fluctuations in the water pressure or the amount of water supplied per hour.

Vaccines, medicines, and additives are administered continuously and fully automatically with a Dosatron dosing pump. The pump itself is robust and requires little maintenance. The pump is also easy to clean, which is beneficial if you use powder solutions.


Types of dosing pumps

Impex supplies different types of Dosatron dosing pumps. In addition to the regular dosing pumps, some pumps are resistant to acids, oils, and pesticides. There are also unique dosing pumps for poultry houses with a drinking water system with low water pressure and low water flow. Download the overview to compare the different types.

Technical drawings of the Dosatron dosing pumps can be found here.

Dosatron liquid dosing pumps
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