Impex turkey drinking water system

Impex turkey drinking water system

For the growth and health of turkeys, it is important that they have easy access to clean and fresh drinking water. At the same time, as a turkey farmer, you want to keep your house as clean as you can and spend as little time as possible on supplying water. The automatic Impex turkey drinking system is then the ideal solution! 

This is how our turkey drinking system works

The turkey drinking water system consists of a drinking cup that is suspended from a drinking water line. Fresh water at a low pressure is automatically supplied to the house through the drinking water line. When the turkey sticks its head in the drinking cup, it pushes a pin (pendulum) to one side that is suspended above the cup. This ensures drinking water flows into the cup. You can safeguard the availability of drinking water with a ball in the cup in relation to young turkeys pullets. The ball presses against the pendulum when the water falls below the level that can be reached by young turkeys. Water will then be automatically added to the cup after which the ball will start to float and the water supply will again close. 

Impex turkey drinking water system

Why turkey farmers choose our drinking cups

One system for all ages
Young turkeys find it easy to drink from our oval start cup. You can easily adjust the cup when the animals start to grow by using a special ring. The ring gives the cup a round shape and larger capacity. A standard large round water cup is also available for broiler turkeys.

Always access to fresh water 
The turkey activates the water supply and therefore always drinks fresh water. You can expand the drinking system with a flushing system that will automatically rinse the drinking lines. You can therefore safeguard the water quality and water temperature in the drinking line.

Contributes towards a healthy house climate
The special ring for the start cup and the higher edge of the large drinking cup stops water wastage in relation to broiler turkeys. This guarantees that the litter in the house remains dry and reduces the probability of respiratory tract infections and foot pad dermatitis. The probability of manure or feathers ending in the cup will also be small.


Easy to adjust the height and water pressure of the drinking line

For the growth of turkey pullets, it is important that they can immediately start drinking correctly. You can stimulate this by suspending the drinking cups low in the house, which will ensure that the young turkeys can easily access the water. You can effortlessly set the height of the drinking cups as the turkeys grow by using the winch system. You can also easily adjust the water pressure in the line by using the I-Flow pressure controller. This is how you can make it as easy as possible for your animals to drink enough water during every growth phase and you can also guarantee that the turkeys do not spill too much water. 

High quality and long service life

The turkey drinking system is made from high-quality stainless steel and PVC parts and has a long service life. An anti-perch line prevents turkeys from sitting on the drinking lines, which would mean that they would sag or be damaged. Turkey pullets are given sufficient opportunity to drink with one drinking cup for 30 to 40 animals. For broiler turkeys, we recommend one drinking cup for 15 to 25 animals depending on the sex and weight of the turkeys. 

Impex drinking cup system
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