Impex closed drinking water system for poultry

Impex closed drinking water system for poultry

With our complete, closed drinking water systems, your poultry always has access to sufficient clean, fresh, and cool drinking water. Therefore, our drinking water systems contribute to the health and performance of broilers, pullets, layers, and breeders in all housing types.

These are the components of a closed drinking system

  • Water control panel
    The water control panel is the basis of the automatic drinking system. Here, the water pressure of the mainline is reduced to a value between 1.5 and 2 bar. With a filter combination, the supplied water can be filtered. Optionally, a liquid dosing pump can be connected to the control panel to administer vaccines, medication, and additives. 
  • Pressure regulators
    The pressure regulator at the start of the drinking line will further reduce the water pressure, so your chickens can drink without spilling. The pressure regulator is equipped with a flushing set with which the drinking line can be manually flushed. An optional actuator can be used to flush the drinking line automatically.  
  • Drinking lines
    The drinking line consists of square PVC nipple tubes with a length of 3.03 meters. The tubes can be interconnected using tube connectors and are available with 20, 15, 12, or 10 drinking nipples. The drinking line is connected to a stabilization tube or aluminium profile using suspension brackets. When using a floor system, you suspend the drinking lines with a winch system, with a suspension point every three meters. An optional anti-perch system prevents chickens from sitting on the drinking line, causing it to sag. 

Impex drinking water systems

  • Drinking nipples and drink cups
    We supply a wide range of plug-in and screw-in nipples for broilers, pullets, layers, and breeders. We also supply a wide range of drink-, and drip cups.
  • End air outlet set
    An end air outlet set is installed at the end of each drinking line. You can check the pressure in the drinking line based on the water level in the outlet tube. The end set is connected to the main drain via a drainage hose, so it is possible to flush the lines. 
  • Other accessories
    We supply everything you need for the installation of an automatic drinking water system. From ball valves to plugs and from connecting pieces and hose clamps to suspension brackets. We have an extensive stock of spare parts so that we can always supply replacement parts for your automatic drinking system.  

Why choose an Impex drinking water system

One-stop shop  
All parts of the Impex automatic drinking system fit together seamlessly. You also have one point of contact for the supply and service of your drinking water system. 

Accurate water delivery
The slight deviation tolerance (0.005 mm) during production in our factory in Germany guarantees that every drinking nipple delivers exactly the right quantity and does not leak.

Long service life
All our drinking nipples and other components for drinking systems are made from high-quality materials. As a result, they have a long service life and the lowest total cost of ownership.


Impex closed drinking water system
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