Drinking nipples for poultry

Impex drinking nipples for poultry

Drinking nipples ensure your chickens can easily drink sufficient, clean, and fresh drinking water. Without spilling the water, so you won't have to deal with wet litter, for example. We supply a wide range of high-quality drinking nipples for broilers, pullets, layers, and breeders.

I-Classic poultry drinking nipple

The I-Classic drinking nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 180⁰ movable pin. A chicken drinks from this type of drinking nipple by pushing the pin of the nipple upwards with its beak. The nipple is available as a plug-in and screw-in nipple in varying water outputs (50 to 80 ml/min, at a water level of 20 cm). The I-Classic is often used in layer or breeder houses. 

I-Flex poultry drinking nipple

The I-Flex drinking nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 360⁰ movable pin. A chicken can activate this drinking nipple from the bottom as well as from the side. The nipple is available as a plug-in and screw-in nipple in varying water outputs (side: 20-80 ml/min, bottom: 35-125 ml/min at a water level of 20 cm). The I-Flex nipple drinker is widely used for broilers and pullets but is also suitable for laying hens. There is a unique I-Flex drinking nipple for untrimmed laying hens. 

Drinking nipples for poultry

Why poultry farmers choose our drinking nipples

Accurate water delivery
The slight deviation tolerance (0.005 mm) during production in our factory in Germany guarantees that every drinking nipple delivers exactly the right quantity. 

No leaks
We use a precision robot to test the connection and sealing of all parts in each drinking nipple. This way, we can guarantee that the nipple only supplies water when the chicken activates it, and it won't leak.

Long service life
All our nipples are made of high-quality stainless steel, possibly with a wear-resistant PVC external sleeve. As a result, the nipples have a long service life and the lowest total cost of ownership. 


In-house engineering, production, testing, and drinking water laboratory

We produce all our poultry nipple drinkers in our high-tech factory in Germany. We only use the best raw materials for this and test our nipples at various points in the production and assembly process. Our engineers are continuously working on further developing and improving our drinking nipples while we carry out practical tests in a modern drinking water laboratory.

Impex poultry drinking nipples
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In 2011, Raymond Veldhuizen started keeping 24,000 organic laying hens. In 2018 he exchanged his old drinking system for an Impex drinking system with I-Flex 14-SP drinking nipples and drip cups. We visited him at his farm in Maarsbergen to talk about his experiences with our system.

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After a lightning strike caused a fire in the two brand new poultry houses of Beek Poultry in Barneveld (the Netherlands), Impex dealer Beek Agri equipped the houses again in 2021. The laying hens are now kept according to the 3 Star Better Life quality mark (most profound Dutch quality mark). Henk van de Hoef of Beek Agri explains it all.

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