Why Beek Poultry chooses drinkers with drinking nipples in the wintergarten

Why Beek Poultry chooses drinkers with drinking nipples in the wintergarten

Beek Pluimvee produces eggs according to the three-star Beter Leven quality mark (most profound Dutch quality mark). The 40,000 laying hens of the poultry farm in Barneveld (The Netherlands) always have access to clean, fresh drinking water in the winter garden via Impex's TN380 automatic drinkers.

"We opted for free-range chickens in 2013 because they enable us to respond to changing consumer demand, but at the same time, we don't have to worry about indoor confinement because of bird flu," says Celine Breen. "The animals have a 5 meter run from the winter garden to the tree line. The outlet is also completely covered."

The wintergartens are divided into five sections and are located on both sides of the two houses. The laying hens have just as much space as inside and forage between the pecking blocks and alfalfa bales. Unique heat-resistant light panels ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

TN380 automatic drinkerTwo TN380 drinking water towers from Impex hang in each section of the winter garden. This is an automatic drinking water system with eight I-Flex poultry nipples and eight drip cups. "We chose these drinkers because we think it's important the laying hens can easily reach the water. Moreover, during the rearing period, they have become accustomed to drinking from a drinking nipple with a drip cup, so these drinkers are a perfect fit," says Celine.

The TN380 is a closed drinking water system that is connected to the water supply in the house. As a result, the animals always have access to fresh drinking water, and as a poultry farmer, you do not have to refill the water manually constantly. Moreover, the drinking water cannot become contaminated with, for example, feathers, feed residues, dust, and manure. "It is a nice system that requires very little maintenance. The installation is also simple. I installed the drinkers and the water supply line in the wintergarten myself, and if I can do it, anyone can do it," laughs Celine.

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