Impex ECO-line drinking nipples for pigs

Pig drinking nipples with smart automatic orifice

Do you want to save on water, manure, and medication costs as a pig farmer? The Impex ECO-line drinking nipples will then be a smart choice. The automatic orifice in these nipples ensures a constant water delivery from the first to the last drinking nipple regardless of the water pressure. There are ECO-line drinking nipples for piglets, porkers, boars, and (farrowing) sows.

Benefits of the ECO-line drinking nipples

  • Save on water costs: Regulating water delivery is problematic when using standard drinking nipples. This means that relatively speaking, a high level of drinking water ends up in the drain. The ECO-line drinking nipples will reduce the waste of water. 
  • Save on manure costs: Water running into the pit makes the manure heavier, thereby increasing disposal costs. With ECO-line drinking nipples, the manure stays drier, and thus you save on disposal costs. 
  • Save on medication costs: Medication administered through water is partly flushed down the drain when using standard drinking nipples. ECO-line drinking nipples reduce waste, and therefore you will be administering medication more effectively. 

Eco-line drinking nippels for pigs

How do the ECO-line pig drinking nipples work?

ECO-line drinking nipples have a unique membrane. This integrated orifice automatically regulates the water delivery of the nipple. Therefore, it does not matter how high the water pressure is or how pigs activate the nipple. 

Water delivery of the ECO-line drinking nipples

Since the drinking need of various pig species differs, different outputs are available. 

  • 0.5 liter/minute: With this orifice, you prevent water spillage in weaned piglets.
  • 1 liter/minute: This orifice ensures optimum water delivery for porkers, boars, and non-lactating sows.  
  • 2.5 liters/minute: This output volume ensures that farrowing sows can drink sufficiently during the lactation phase, positively affecting milk production.

Impex drinking nipple factory

ECO-line drinking nipple types for pigs

The ECO-line drinking nipples are available as a bite nipple and as a wet feeding nipple. The bite nipple gives water when the pig presses the pin in the nipple or pushes back the pressure piece. The animal must therefore take the mouthpiece completely into its beak and therefore drinks directly from the nipple. A wet feeding nipple gives water when a pig moves the pressure piece of the nipple. The water will then fall into the bowl. 

Reliable pig drinking nipples

All ECO-line drinking nipples are carefully tested and assembled in our factory in Germany. In our testing and research center, all nipples are checked using measuring equipment before ending up in the animal housing unit. This is how we ensure the accuracy and long service life of our drinking nipples. The ECO-line drinking nipples have been tested on their reliability by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft; German Agricultural Society) and have been awarded a EuroTier Silver Medal.

Impex ECO-line pig drinking nipples
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