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Reap the benefits of more than 50 years of insights from scientific research into drinking water management and practical knowledge gained from poultry houses worldwide. All our white papers, case studies, testimonials, and videos are freely available.

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Drinking Water Quality in poultry houses
Improve your chickens’ performance with clean, fresh and tasty drinking water. How, you can read it in this guide. Download the guide
What to do if your poultry suffers from heat stress
What to do if your poultry suffers from heat stress   It's summer again and the higher temperatures can cause heat...
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Automatic flushing: I-Flush flushing system
How to reduce the risk of salmonella via drinking water
Salmonella is a threat to the health and productivity of your poultry. But with careful drinking water management you reduce the risk of salmonella infections.
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How Impex contributes to the green mission of Vencomatic
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Which drinking nipple suits your poultry
Impex guide drinking nipples There are many different types of drinking nipples available, but what are the most important details that you should pay attention to? We'll discuss it in this guide. Download the guide
Drinking water management guide for broilers
Impex guide broiler drinking water management In this guide we discuss the most important do's and don'ts when it comes to drinking water management and the maintenance of your drinking water system. Download the guide
Drinking water management guide for layers
Impex guide layer drinking water management In this guide we discuss all the do's and don'ts when it comes to maintaining your drinking water system and managing your laying hens so they can perform at their best. Download the guide
Four reasons to automatically flush drinking lines
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This is what water usage says about the health of your poultry
Do you want to know if your chickens are healthy and performing optimally? Checking the water usage is one of the easiest ways to monitor this.
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The benefits of a closed drinking water system
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Which drinking nipple is suitable for your poultry?
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How it's made: Impex drinking nipples
Impex delivers the quality VDL customers are accustomed to
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These are the 3 most common causes of water wastage
Water wastage costs money and reduces your production results. By keeping these 3 points in mind, you can prevent the most common causes.
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Why Beek Poultry chooses drinkers with drinking nipples in the wintergarten
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Drinking water management: This is what a laying hen needs
Do you know what the correct height of the drinking line needs to be for a laying hen or what the correct water pressure should be? Check this infographic!
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Data farmer Bart Janssen has 90% fewer footpad lesions
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8 simple tips to optimize poultry vaccination
A drinking water system is the perfect tool to administer vaccines or other means to poultry. We give you 8 simple tips to optimize the vaccination of your poultry.
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Japfa: Quality from farm to plate
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ECO-line: Drinking nipples for pigs
Theo Bos: My untrimmed laying hens waste less water
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This is how you reduce water wastage of untrimmed laying hens
Untrimmed laying hens have more difficulty drinking from the drinking nipples. We give you 5 tips to reduce drinking problems and water wastage.
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Drinking water management: This is what a broiler needs
This infographic shows you the correct height of the drinking line, the correct water pressure, and everything else you need to know to optimize your broiler production
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How to avoid heat stress in pigs
During the summer months it is quite a challenge to reduce heat stress in pigs. To help you deal with this challenge, we have listed several tips for you.
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Optimal drinking water management for pigs
Effective drinking water management contributes to a good basis for a healthy pig. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked or not even considered important.
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This is why you need to prevent biofilm build-up
Biofilm is one of the most underestimated threats to poultry health. We are happy to explain what these threats are and how you can prevent the build-up of biofilm as much as possible.
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How taste affects poultry water consumption
Taste can influence water consumption of poultry more than you might think. We give you 3 tips so you know how to avoid problems with the drinking water consumption of your birds.
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Veldhuizen Poultry

In 2011, Raymond Veldhuizen started keeping 24,000 organic laying hens. In 2018 he exchanged his old drinking system for an Impex drinking system with I-Flex 14-SP drinking nipples and drip cups. We visited him at his farm in Maarsbergen to talk about his experiences with our system.

Beek Agri

After a lightning strike caused a fire in the two brand new poultry houses of Beek Poultry in Barneveld (the Netherlands), Impex dealer Beek Agri equipped the houses again in 2021. The laying hens are now kept according to the 3 Star Better Life quality mark (most profound Dutch quality mark). Henk van de Hoef of Beek Agri explains it all.

Raymond Veldhuizen
Henk van de Hoef

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