The Impex team is expanding

The Impex team is expanding

We would like to introduce our new employee; Deborah de Vos, Customer Service Employee.

Deborah de Vos started in September in the position of Customer Service Employee. She gets energy from customer contact, let that come in handy in her work!

Read on to learn more about Deborah….

  1. How were your first weeks at Impex? The first weeks have gone very well, nice varied work, and I am looking forward to learn more.
  2. Which 3 words best describe you? Loyal, eager to learn and helpful.
  3. Which activities or tasks give you the most energy? Contact with customers, it doesn't matter whether this is by email or by phone.
  4. Why did you choose to work at Impex? Not a multinational or large company, but a committed organization that appealed to me very much. Also a company where quality is highly valuated, and I was ready for a new challenge.
  5. What are you looking forward to accomplishing at Impex? No special ambitions in the sense of ''where do you see yourself in 5 years'', that's not what I'm working on. I want to learn and perform what I do well.
  6. What is your greatest success? It's hard to name a success. Perhaps not really a success, but I have done several things for the benefit of others. In any case, that gives a lot of satisfaction to be able to do something for others.
  7. Do you have any secret talents that we don't know about yet? I am honest and transparent, so my secret or uncovered talents will naturally come to the surface.



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