Ria Kooloos

Ria Kooloos

“I have been involved in Impex's financial administration for more than 20 years. I take care of all outgoing payments, the VAT return and the monthly processing. Together with my colleagues in this department, I also process purchase invoices and bank transactions, for example. The varied work and the pleasant colleagues ensure that I still enjoy working at Impex after all these years. I have been able to see the company grow, and the result is quite impressive!”

Ria Kooloos
Ria Kooloos

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  • Impex Barneveld B.V.
  • Harselaarseweg 129
  • 3771 MA Barneveld
  • P.O. Box 20
  • 3770 AA Barneveld
  • Nederland


  • Impex Gainesville Inc.
  • 2170 Hilton Drive
  • GA 30501 Gainesville
  • P.O. Box 3097
  • GA 30503 Gainesville
  • USA