Olaf van Steenis

Olaf van Steenis

“Impex exports drinking water systems to more than ninety countries around the world. From Russia to Colombia and from Algeria to Indonesia. I maintain the relationships with our dealers outside Europe. I travel on average half of the year for this. I visit trade shows, as well as going with dealers to their customers to advise and share knowledge. Of course, this can also be done by video call, for example, but at Impex, we literally want to be alongside our dealers. When you speak to someone ‘live’ and look them in the eye, you often understand each other far better. The great thing about my job? That’s not just about traveling and meeting people from all sorts of cultures, but also about the product and this
company itself. With our drinking water systems, we add value to the poultry sector. And Impex is a stable, trustworthy company where quality comes first and we go for long-term relationships with partners. I’m proud of that.

In the coming years, we want to continue to grow in our role as a knowledge center in the field of drinking water management. We not only want to deliver the best product but also help poultry farmers around the world to make the most of it and take steps in animal welfare and production optimization. In my opinion, this commitment distinguishes Impex from other manufacturers. I
myself have stood in hen houses, whether in the middle of the Sahara or deep in the interior of China.
That’s completely different from advising from a desk.”

Olaf van Steenis
Olaf van Steenis

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