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8 simple tips to optimize poultry vaccination

A drinking water system is the perfect tool for administering vaccines to your poultry. As long as the system is properly maintained and used. To ensure your animals receive the correct dosage, we have listed a number of points of attention.


#1. Read the manual carefully

It might seem obvious, but read the vaccine's user manual carefully before starting the preparation. It explains clearly which steps you have to go through to administer the vaccine.

#2. Do not use any cleaning agents in advance

Flush the drinking lines thoroughly after using cleaning agents, so no residues of disinfectants or cleaning agents are left behind. Stop adding these agents at least 24 hours in advance.

#3. Check the equipment

Always check in advance whether the dosing pump works properly, check the nipples for any leaks or blockages, and make sure there are no dead ends in the mainline.

#4. Remove residual water from the drinking lines

Open the end of the drinking lines and check all the nipples, so as little residual water as possible is left behind in the drinking lines. When calculating the required amount of water, always keep in mind there may still be residual water in the lines.


Research has shown that many poultry farms do not reach the required coverage ratio of 95%. 27% of the chicks examined were not vaccinated at all and almost 30% were insufficiently vaccinated.


Administering the vaccine

#5. Let the animals rest

After you have thoroughly flushed the system, you can winch the drinking lines. Is this not possible? Then dim the light to give your birds a rest.

#6. Make sure the drinking lines are completely filled

Fill the drinking lines with the vaccine solution, making sure they are completely filled. You can check this by adding a colorant to the vaccine solution and opening the drinking lines at the end. As soon as the solution runs out of the lines (collect this water in a bucket), you can close the drinking lines again and lower them.

#7. Encourage the birds to drink

In order for the animals to drink enough of the mixture, there must be enough light in the house. Let them drink for about 2 hours. If you give them less time, they may not digest enough of the vaccine. If you give them more time, there is a possibility that the vaccine is already dissolved in the water. Walk through the house regularly during this 2-hour period to encourage the birds to drink.

#8. Flush the lines thoroughly

Once the 2 hours have passed, it is important you flush the lines thoroughly again with clean water, so absolutely no residue of the vaccine is left behind.

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